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Learning re-imagined – a special interactive panel session

A group of students chat outside the Hedley Bull building.

Our TELFest team is committed to working in partnership with students when discussing teaching and learning at ANU. This year, we are hosting a special interactive panel discussion which will invite student representatives from ANUSA and PARSA in conversation with teaching staff to share their thoughts on interactive learning and the role of the lecture in contemporary teaching. Members of the audience will be invited to join the discussion.

Join us at 3:15pm on Wednesday, 20 November in Hedley Bull 1 for this engaging session.

Learning re-imagined: Innovation, tradition, and getting value from an old genre.

Eden Lim (ANUSA), Elena Sheard (PARSA), Zoe Tulip (PARSA), Emmaline Lear (iLeap) and William Scates Frances (iLeap)

The increasing push for interactive learning styles lends us to consider the value of lectures at the ANU. Interactive learning builds student engagement through guided social interaction. Lectures are changed into discussions, and students and teachers become partners in the journey of knowledge acquisition. Students strengthen their critical thinking and problem solving skills through such interactive experiences, skills which are fundamental to the development of analytic reasoning. Using a holistic approach to learning, students who can explore an open-ended question with imagination and logic are learning how to make decisions, as opposed to just regurgitating memorized information. An additional advantage interactive learning is that it teaches students how to collaborate and work successfully in groups, an indispensable skill as workplaces become more team-based in structure. Such learning can take place with or without technology. While universities around the world are changing the ways they teach, we seek to debate the value and impact of lectures at ANU today, the value of this old genre and the potential of more interactive approaches to teaching and learning.

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