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ANU staff check out an augmented reality skull.

The TELFest team is busily putting together the final parts of the program and excitedly preparing for the big day – only 2 weeks left to go!

This year, we are offering a fabulous showcase session to close the event, where you can enjoy afternoon tea and network with your colleagues while trying out a range of new technologies and seeing some exciting projects from around the university. There’s only one more week until registration closes.

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Evaluating the effectiveness of Flipped Classroom strategy resources to build teacher and student inquiry skills and critical thinking

with Jay Ridgewell, Tim Friel & Joe Hope (CoS)

meriSTEM logo

meriSTEM is an ANU STEM education initiative providing comprehensive, curriculum-aligned, modular resources for senior secondary teachers, enabling them to flip their classrooms in order to maximise deep, engaged learning. The aims of meriSTEM are to increase student achievement, independent inquiry and critical thinking skills in STEM core subjects while also increasing teacher capacity to facilitate more student-centred learning. 

Check out the specific flipped classroom strategy intended for use with meriSTEM resources and some of our initial findings into how the resources are being used in schools. We will summarise responses from teachers and students using meriSTEM in 2019, and our research questions for a formal evaluation of the project in the coming years. See the Open edX platform we use for   

Create and make your content more interactive with H5P 

with Janene Harman & Thao Tran (ANU Online) 

H5P is a soon to be released plug-in into Moodle that you will be able to use to develop and create more interactive content for your students. It allows you to easily create and deliver content packages with the capacity to build in many types of formative assessment quizzes to engage your students with the content in a more interactive way.  

Some of the examples you will see in this showcase are interactive video, timeline, presentations with built in quizzes, such as multiple choice, drag and drop, hotspot and many other activities. H5P provides an exciting and engaging way to for you to easily deliver your content to students and create formative learning opportunities for them. 

LENS: The ANU Laptop Ensemble live @ TELFest

with Ben Swift (RSCS), Alec Hunter (SoM), Charles Martin (RSCS) & LENS members

Since 2018 LENS: the ANU Laptop Ensemble has been run as a joint elective course through the ANU School of Music and the ANU Research School of Computer Science. By designing and delivering an interdisciplinary computer music curriculum, LENS has given us an opportunity to explore what happens when computer science students and music students are jumbled together as equal partners in the same learning environment.In this session LENS members past and present will perform a selection of their computer music works, and also be present to answer questions about their experiences in this program.

Minimanual of the Essay Writer: an Open Educational Resource  

with William Scates Frances (CASS)

The unexpected success of an essay writing guide, titled the “Minimanual of the Essay Writer”, raises a number of questions about the role of informal and cross-institutional channels in the building of teaching expertise and university culture. The global reach of the Minimanual offers room to reflect upon some of the challenges and opportunities raised by Twitter as an education technology, and its potential place in the work of educators at the ANU. This presentation narrates the development and spread of the Minimanual and draws on pedagogical research to explain its popularity, interrogate its success and ask questions about the social media life of educators in the ANU and beyond. 

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