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Reminder – Call for participation closes Friday 2 August

Shining some light into space

We are seeking submissions from staff across ANU to present at TELFest this November in a range of formats. We want to hear what you are doing in your teaching, and provide an opportunity for you to share with your colleagues and learn new ideas. We welcome submissions on any topics that relate to teaching innovation and technology at ANU.

Click here to submit a proposal (deadline extended to Friday 2 August)

Please re-submit the form if you have more than one proposal.

Presentation (20 November)

A 20 minute session – 15 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for questions

We are seeking maximum 300 word abstracts for presentations showcasing education strategies, challenges, and approaches. Share how you have used technology in your teaching practice, applied an innovative technique, or developed new digital resources for your classroom, program, discipline, or college. Tell us about your experiences, lessons learned, and provide your thoughts and recommendations for colleagues interested in trying out your idea for themselves.

Possible topics for a presentation might include:
  • Strategies for dealing with large class sizes
  • Using different teaching spaces
  • Using interactive learning approaches
  • New technologies for teaching
  • Challenges and benefits to using technology
  • Collaborative or peer learning
  • Fostering student engagement, well-being, and inclusion
  • Teaching flipped, blended, or online courses
  • Building technology into your curriculum or program

Workshop (may be scheduled on both 19 and 20 November)

A 60, 90 or 120 minute hands-on session – lead a workshop for your peers 
Workshops are a chance for you to teach others how to do a new technique or approach relating to technology-enhanced learning. A workshop would require you to facilitate a group of up to 30 participants in a practical session. Share your insights, strategies, and techniques to help others apply a new approach in their own practice and develop some resources through participating in the session. The topic would need to be relevant for teachers from a range of discipline areas. Workshop submissions require a description, what the participants would learn, and an outline of what would be included in the session to a maximum of 400 words.
Possible topics for a workshop might include how to:
  • Record your own videos
  • Flip your classroom
  • Deliver a course online for the first time
  • Use interactive tools in the classroom
  • Teaching using social media

Showcase in the Atrium (20 November)

A choice between displaying printed or digital posters, and demonstrating TEL practices in the Hedley Bull Atrium – you may request a dedicated space or room if needed (e.g. VR demonstration).

We are seeking 200 word abstracts for either a poster or demonstration describing what would be included in your showcase. Posters are a visual representation of a project, initiative, or approach to teaching and learning while demonstrations involve a more hands-on or real-time presentation of a tool, technique or approach. There will be a dedicated showcase session in the TELFest program and you will need to be available to discuss your work with attendees during the session. Once accepted, further information about the showcase session will be circulated.

You could showcase on a range of topics relating to technology-enhanced learning, including:

  • A new technology, tool or technique that you have applied in your course design
  • A new strategy or approach you used in your practice
  • Research you have conducted on your teaching
  • Showcase digital resources or online spaces you have created
  • Student-created resources (with permission)

Propose a Session! 

Interested in presenting at TELFest but in a different format? Let us know by submitting a 200 word summary of what you propose to do at the session. You will also be asked to describe the format of the session and indicate the time needed to run it. Some possible sessions may include:

  • Panel
  • Debate
  • Pecha Kucha (20 slides, 20 seconds each)
  • Fishbowl (rotating panel where audience participate as panelists)
  • Hackathon / Maker session
  • And more!

How to submit

Click here to submit your proposals!

You will need to provide the following: name and contact information for the presenters, what type of format you are submitting to, the abstract, and any additional details about special requirements for AV equipment. All the venues will have a standard PC computer, projector, and microphone. All presentations will be recorded and shared with ANU staff after the event.
If you have any questions, please contact us at

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