What workshops would you like to see at TELFest 2019?

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Our team is currently preparing the program for TELFest 2019 and would love to hear your ideas and feedback. This year, we will be having a pre-conference day on Tuesday, 19 November full of workshops that will give you a chance to learn some new hands-on skills and techniques. We have a few in mind and wanted to hear from the ANU community about specific topics that might be of interest.

We’ve created a quick survey for you to take, which will allow you to rank a list of possible topics in order of your preference. Just click on the link below to access the survey and use the arrows to put the topics into your preferred order.

Click here to rank the topics.

If there are any other topics not listed, or there’s a topic you’d like to deliver yourself, feel free to add them in the comments! We will be asking for workshop proposals during the call for submission as well.

We are putting together our keynote announcement and will shortly open up the call for submissions so you can propose what you’d like to share about your own teaching practice.



5 thoughts on “What workshops would you like to see at TELFest 2019?

  1. I would dearly love to see some discussion about co-ordination of these types of ed tech activities across ANU. Each faculty is doing good work, but I am amazed that we seem to have very few discussions about resources at a broader level. For example, tools like PollEverywhere and Camtasia are useful, but either they can only be obtained one at a time within each work group, or they suddenly become unavailable and then come back without any kind of discussion or notice. People put time into creating things like online quizzes, etc, and then aren’t able to use them because the license was cancelled. Surely there are also budgetary reasons why a university-wide approach is more sensible than individuals applying for one-off funding.

    1. Hi Anne, this is a great suggestion. These sorts of structural issues have a serious impact on innovation and are challenging to navigate, especially when those trying to innovate are isolated from each other, as you mention. We are hoping to have some additional work on how to move beyond the “What am I doing in my teaching practice” to “What can the university do to support innovation” for this year – I will definitely take your comments on board! Thanks!

  2. Agree with Anne. There is very much a will, but it is scattered in divisions and pockets of the university. A more whole-ANU approach and sharing of resources, licenses, etc. would foster greater collaboration and innovation in this space rather than small teams clambering for smaller funding packages at a divisional level. We really want to evolve and adapt to new technologies. Getting the tools appears to be the greatest obstacle.

    1. Getting access to the tools is definitely a key obstacle. There are many barriers to a “whole of institution” approach, as buying any sort of license for the whole university means that contracts, vendor processes, and legal review of terms of service all come into play. If this is an area you might be interested in, our next coffee course (, starting on Monday 3 June) will deal with this issue specifically, but let’s also discuss it at TELFest!

  3. I suggest a workshop on “What works with edtech: using LMS to support blended leaning”. There is a tenancy to complain students don’t do work, and don’t turn up to class, and then look for an App to solve this. Instead we can apply established educational techniques, implemented using the features already available in our Wattle LMS, to help students to learn.

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